Palestinian expelled from homes in 1948

Rochester Witness for Palestine

Rochester Witness for Palestine is a 501(c)3 educational organization in Rochester NY.

As 2024 begins, we pray that the increased violence in the holy land will change the hearts of decision makers in the U.S. and Israel/Palestine such that a just resolution with dignity, freedom, and equality for all is achieved.

At present, we see repeated the ethnic cleaning of Palestine that Ilan Pappé wrote about in connection with the 1948 violence. Palestinians are again killed or displaced from their homes.

It’s incumbent on those who call for a “two-state solution” to define where that is to exist and how that leads to the dignity, freedom, and equality for all. At present, one power controls the entire area “from the river to the sea”. U.S. leaders seem to unconditionally support that power. So if the “two-state” path that so many call for isn’t viable, then that one power, which has claimed for 76 years to be the only democracy in the region, must fully, equally, and democratically include all people under its control.

We work toward dramatic change this year.